zero discrimination: Remove laws that harm, create laws that empower.

Remove laws that harm, create laws that empower is the 2022 theme as was climaxed on the 1st of March. Like every other first of march, its gathering and togetherness. In no distinction nor selectiveness as the world speaks, pledges and advocates for zero discrimination.

This day rings bells of reminders that where more than one meet, difference is definite, it’s a natural creation often not chosen, often not amendable thus leaving no choice but acceptance. And much truer, where happens to be room for amendment, our choices in belief are not and need not necessarily be convincing to the person in question. Could be a difference in ideology or approach, but then, what more is there to human existence than similarities amongst them.

Isn’t it ironic, how we ignore the mountains of similarity amongst humans in preference for just mere identities or unfortunate happenings? How we go beyond the human breath, reason, kindness, and compassion in people and instead focus on skin color, tribe, religion, sickness, disability, language, or accent and many more.

And then, the trend in pretext of what is discriminative and what is a ‘choice’. As many shield acts of discrimination with lighter words like choice and priority. Choices of who to help and who not to, who our children can play with and those they should avoid. For the sick choose their fate so we can finger point or isolate, that our children can and cannot marry from some cohorts of people as we’ve told them.

While still, there are laws, those that undermine and still do break. Those that restrict equality or worse legalize its abuse. Then those that do not shield the marginalized, such laws so silent like their victims, carrying the weight of thirst, pain and affliction wholly caused by discrimination.

So, this first of march we say, remove laws that harm, create laws that empower. And maybe then, we shall be steps towards not having to celebrate such days again.

BARYAMUJURA MAHAD, passionate about social justice.



Frank Byaruhanga is a human rights activist with years of experience in community dialogues, digital communication, advocacy and digital campaigns. He specializes in Media Relation Work, Management and Training with sufficient knowledge in Governance, Accountability, Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, Youth-led research, Content developer, Creative Activism, Social Media Management and documentary photography.

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