The Brutality Of The Law Matched The Greed Of Parliamentarians


Shock still thrives in mood as Uganda mourns and weeps for the untimely death of the Honorable Speaker Jacob Oulanya, even before his body is flown back to the country, the sounds of cries and weeps so loud but not enough to be heard in the house whose wheel he has steered for more than a decade, the brutality of the of the law under Article 82(4) which states ‘’no business shall be transacted in parliament other than an election to the office of the speaker at the time that office is vacant” has matched the greed of Ugandan parliamentarians that the scramble to replace him cannot allow even a little shame or grief to prevail.

Within a day after his death, eleven members of parliament had picked nomination forms from the NRM electoral commission including ministers who ought to resign their ministerial positions before contesting as per the constitutional provisions Article 82(3). In addition is the speaker’s deputy, Honorable Anita Among and two other parliamentarians to total the number to thirteen.

The voices of members from the Acholi Parliamentary Group call for ring-fencing of the position for the region. In this pursuit, they have not shied away from fronting candidates for both the speaker and deputy speaker positions as their aim is not to just consolidate but as well emulate the person honorable Jacob Oulanya has been.

While this happens, in the corridors of parliament is opposition that hardly stands a chance in such games of numbers as has frequently been seen before regarding these positions in context. However, they don’t seek to watch and let opportunities slip off their hands, for it is a scramble and are ready to grab as is the ruling party.

Much will be said of the legality, while it will be remembered, so shall be the humanity, this where everything was given, and everything was lost.

BARYAMUJURA MAHAD is passionate about social justice.


Frank Byaruhanga is a human rights activist with years of experience in community dialogues, digital communication, advocacy and digital campaigns. He specializes in Media Relation Work, Management and Training with sufficient knowledge in Governance, Accountability, Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, Youth-led research, Content developer, Creative Activism, Social Media Management and documentary photography.

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