”love shouldn’t be taught anywhere. Love shouldn’t be bought”- Niwasasira

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE VALUES OF HUMANITY? The Media lately has been awash with unpleasant news of inhumane treatment of human beings by fellow humans it’s perhaps time we stopped and examined the basic human relations that define who we are by asking ourselves the fundamental question of “What is Religion, love, or Marriage, and to what extent are the three a measure of humanity?”

Take an example of religion; too many people believe so much in their religion to the extent of hating each other because of their differences in religions. Spouses part ways because their partner has joined a different religion. As humans we would appreciate our differences and live in harmony. Our society is ripe with examples of religious intolerance ranging from the inter-religious wars of the 80’s to parents warning their children not to marry from different religions.

When you attend different churches, it is worse when the church leaders are bitter about their colleagues; there is too much hatred, much competition. This leaves me wondering about what happened to the values of humanity. They have ignored Biblical verses which talk about Jesus appreciating the poor; instead, they focus on the paying tithe and preaching the gospel of prosperity of “Kitwale mu linya dya Yesu and Kiwede”. To them the Ten Commandments are a thing of the past now considered irrelevant to everyday conduct and they have forgotten the ones that Jesus gave’ love your neighbor as you love yourself’ And here I again wonder what happened to the values of Humanity?

Some churches have reached the extent of recruiting only women when the leader is a man. Some summons in churches is rated PG18 forgetting the little children in the congregation.

All this would be different if we all were thinking like humans, this reminds of the demise of young Yvonne Namagand who bound by love, care kindness for fellow humans threw all caution to the wind a s she tried to save fellow pupils in the Buddo Junior fire of April 14, 2008. Unfortunately, she died in the inferno, and we were robbed of an epitome and an embodiment of humanity. (May her soul forever Rest in Peace)

When it comes to love, I would choose humanity; as human beings, love shouldn’t be taught anywhere. Love shouldn’t be bought. When we appreciate that we are all humans, love comes naturally as the first humans were created out of God’s love. As humans, forgiveness and trust wouldn’t be complicated. People have run out of trust to the extent that some don’t even trust themselves. Couples don’t trust each other because they know they are different. Some people get love out of deceit and when discovered, love is no more. It would be different, if they all looked at each other, as humans not just different people with different sexes. It would save us from betrayal, depression, and mental health issues.

The same with marriage, it is complicated without appreciating humanity. People wed this month and divorce next month and it’s either’s fault after realizing the difference between them. What if they saw each other as humans from the beginning? What if there were no imaginary promises and expectations, just appreciation of two human beings who long to be together?

We have in our community’s lost sense of humanity. Right from our leadership to our day today life.  Some call it the end times, but I prefer to see it for what it is and I thus call it loss of humanity.  Bringing up a child once was a function of the village, but these days no one trusts the other with their children. As everyone is the assumed enemy of the other. Who would in a world where a father impregnates his 10-year-old girl to this end, child raising which a communal act is no more?

Lost humanity can be seen from the lost regard towards our own environment as well. Perhaps, the drainage channels spewing with plastic bottles, trees cut with wanton disregard, all exemplifying the lack of concern for the next generation shows we have ceased to be humans. For we cease to exist when we cease to care about the next generation, we are killing ourselves from within. Everyone fears the neighbor. Selfishness has taken over. People find joy in hurting others, disturbing their friend’s mental health intentionally and enjoy seeing them lose themselves.

We sing corruption, end corruption. I say let’s be humans, think like humans and all will be well for all is not lost we can salvage the situation.

Writer: Niwasasira Fortnate.


Frank Byaruhanga is a human rights activist with years of experience in community dialogues, digital communication, advocacy and digital campaigns. He specializes in Media Relation Work, Management and Training with sufficient knowledge in Governance, Accountability, Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, Youth-led research, Content developer, Creative Activism, Social Media Management and documentary photography.

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