EveryHourMatters: Inconvenient truths about the Sexual Reproductive Health issues.

Uganda Youth and Adolescents Health Forum together with other partners that work to end violence against children, women and girls, trained over 20 champions at Hotel Africana on the launched “Every Hour Matters” campaign on Tuesday 28th, July and the purpose is to increase awareness of the critical importance of post-rape care

The main reason for the campaign is to foster awareness and increase access to post-rape care and addressing the unique needs of different communities.

 In August 2018, Uganda launched the Violence Against Children Survey (VACS) report. This survey highlights very high rates of violence against children 59% of girls and 68% of boys reported experiencing physical violence and 35% of girls and 17% of boys reported experiencing sexual violence

Furthermore, the Violence Against Children Survey reveals that girls and boys who experience sexual violence are not getting the support and services they need – 53% girls and 57% boys told someone, 10% girls and 6% boys sought services and worse still only 8% girls and 5% boys received services. 

Seeking services is not only a right to these adolescents and young people, more critically there are lifelong negative consequences such as suicide, substance use, physical injury, sexually transmitted infections, HIV, and unintended pregnancy for non-receipt of timely services. This is there an unacceptable reality that we must all work together to change – Norah Nakyegera said

In addition, the “Every Hour Matters” campaign is to spread the word about the important timeframes for post-rape care. There are certain interventions that are needed within 72 to 120 hours of rape to prevent possible serious health consequences

Speaking at the training, Norah Nakyegera, Advocacy and campaigns officer at Uganda Youth and Adolescents Health Forum said that most people aren’t aware that medication exists after a sexual encounter

She added that emergency contraception is effective at preventing unwanted pregnancy within 120 hours but most effective within 72 hours

During the Gender-Based Violence session, Apio Winnie explained how frequently young girls and women are victims of sexual abuse, and how they even fare more difficulty in obtaining post-rape services.

Apio Winnie speaking at the training

Rape has no excuse and every person who is being raped deserves and has a right to post-rape care. It is now the duty for the government to work on these injustices that women are continuing facing – Apio Winnie adds.

There are high prevalence rates of rape, as champions, we have important things that we can do and demand justice – Participant said. 

Here are some of the social media conversation.

We are excited build the capacity of youtu champions on the #EveryHourMatters Campaign. The Every Hour Matters campaign…

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