Cavendish University Wins University championship in Debate & Art

Cavendish University students led their debate team to its first win at Inter-university debate tournament making history after achieving an undefeated record

The two students clinched the win for their debate team at the Inter-university debate and championship 2019. The pair had prior debate experience and bested from 22 different universities in the tournament

Most of the students have never been exposed to the power of academic debate in Uganda like the students of Muni University had no idea about public debate and few students can stand and compete against hundreds of debaters who have years of debate experience. Schools need to level the playing field by introducing students to higher-level academic disciplines, the culture of debating needs to be re-installed in schools

It was a surprise for the University of Cavendish to scoop the trophy, many could not believe them and this is the moment that they have worked so hard for, the debaters were all given equal access, exposure and opportunities

During the debate, we were persuaded by their discussions on ”banning of the use of religious and ethnic identities in politics”. we all agree governance in Africa is a mess and full of dictators. It is the same Continent where young people are not allowed to participate in elections, they are intimidated and they live in fear

Because most people are unaware of the long history of debate in Uganda when Uganda Debate Arena and partners brought over 200 debaters to the Bishop Stuart University to compete. Most of them knew Makerere university will win and Cavendish university was probably considered a long shot

But after the tournament kicked off, people began to notice that the Cavendish university students were good at the competition.

”­We are committed to working with young people and movements to ensure that they become very strong vehicles that will offer transformation, strong vehicles that will challenge the status quo, and build a Uganda that works for each of us” Primus Bahiigi Atukwatse, Manager Global Platform Uganda said

Every year, the Uganda Debate Arena organizes debate tournament that allows students to share knowledge, learn from each other, and it unites young people to tackle pertinent national issues. This year’s theme was “The governance and leadership question in Africa; the role and meaningful participation of young people. Over 200 students participated and debaters went head to head with others from across the 22 universities

The 5th National Inter-University creative arts expo and debate championship 2019 was hosted at Bishop Stuart University, Mbarara western Uganda. The students who made it to Uganda Debate Arena debate competition were all awarded with certificates and the best speakers, debaters, were awarded Medals.

”Our challenges today, will not be solved by any person, but ourselves. Imagine the world you want to live in, imagine the country you & your children want to live in, imagine the life you want to live, then and only then, begin to walk towards it” Primus Bahiigi Atukwatse, Manager Global Platform Uganda said during the debate competition

At the closure of the inter University creative arts expo and championship competition that took place at Bishop Stuart University, the Minister for Education and Sports, Janet Museveni donated 5 million shillings to help the organization


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