Awkward parenting and sex education topics are bubbling up

If you look hard enough you can see when I go missing. I hole up inside my head and I drop off of the internet and I don’t return calls, texts sometimes. I tend to disappear from myself at the same time. I put on a smile the same way that I put on a mask when I leave the ghettos to town because I’m contagious in a way

If I spend enough time around you you will feel it. Now, I was in my own world, reading stories about tribalism, systemic racism, silent majority, state of the nation, curfew and the death of an American black citizen George Floyd. I’m sure y’all aware and to up you to the speed, someone sent me a threesome kids video. I have been hearing about and thought it was lying or not true, like how can kids organize a threesome and record themselves

I opened the video, after watching the video, I couldn’t believe what had just seen with my naked eyes, so many questions popped in the head immediately, where did these kids get the phone? Who shared the video? Who convinced the other to have a threesome? Do they even know what a threesome is? Where had the parents gone? Yes, some will say at work, shopping or any other business engagement? KIds had all the basics of SEX? Morally no elder should be watching such video? Do they say? The girl in the video seemed to have oriented the boys and fixed the video? Do parents seem to have not been present? You can also imagine watching kids of fourteen years having sex? So many questions with no answers, so SAD.

Sometimes I wonder if this thing of kids shouldn’t know about sexuality education is true in my head, like can’t you see, like why are your eyes still closed plus the mind not functioning, kids know about this whole sex thing with wrong information. Maybe I pick these thoughts up from the wind when the world is on fire. Sometimes, when it’s a very bad story I worry that I’m making the world worse with my broken mind and some parents won’t believe or accept it

Some kids are very lucky, they have amazing support and fantastic tools and a community of people behind them but how about those who don’t have and still struggle, exploring? So think about it today that you don’t have all support behind you to survive. Or maybe these kids do but parents still struggling with the things in their head or the things that are real and terrifying are not of their interest 

Wherever you are, right now, if you are a parent and don’t know what to do, I want you to know how needed you are in the community. I want you to know that people are out here are ready to help, support and loved and in this time,  you should be even feeling hungry for sexuality education information, know that you are not alone, so many parents are facing the same challenge and support the passing of Sexuality education framework because it will make so much more of a difference than you know

If you can text a few people today to let them know that you are ready to talk about sexuality education, let them know that you care about their lives. I don’t know why but it helps. It helps them and it feels like a tiny lifeline even if they don’t respond, even if they judge you. It reminds you that you love and you don’t want to watch more shocking videos of kids having sex. It reminds you of the good things that tether you to reality rather than the lies your brain may tell you. It reminds you that sexuality education is worth fighting for and that one of those people to make a change in young people’s lives is you. 

Honestly, I can not publish this kid’s video for you to watch but I want y’all to start imagining three kids having sex, recording themselves. Get the answers, its okay to feel pissed and you will know the reasons why everyone should be talking about sexuality education. This framework will help young people make good decisions for their life. Lastly, if you are parents always have conversations with your kids about sexuality, be open, create the environment that they will feel safe to talk and share.

There’s nothing braver than a parent talking with his kids about sexuality education.


Frank Byaruhanga is a human rights activist with years of experience in community dialogues, digital communication, advocacy and digital campaigns. He specializes in Media Relation Work, Management and Training with sufficient knowledge in Governance, Accountability, Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, Youth-led research, Content developer, Creative Activism, Social Media Management and documentary photography.

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  1. Britah Atusimiire Reply

    Its a sad generation,where everyone gets offended easily.
    Even parents surprisingly would get offended if you reported their kids doing this.
    I a way ,fortune Favors the BOLD.
    Let parents open up and speak to their kids.
    These children even know more than parents can imagine.
    The internet has given them ALL.

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